Ceramiche Galassia

Each colour has its own glamour as well as a psychological meaning: it is the same for every culture, colour has a universal language. It reflects a particular frame of mind: how we see ourselves or how we would like to be. Many philosophers as well as psychologists joined different values and symbols to colours, and they succeeded to understand the character of a person who choose one colour instead of another one.
Galassia has included some colours between its ranges; we have chosen them carefully not only for the chromatic nuance but above all for their use on the ceramic surface.
“Elegant” colours as pearl grey, anthracite grey and black: prominent colours which make the ceramic purity stand out, for a “Soft” style.
“Pastel” colours as violet, yellow, green and blue: sunny and playful colours, for an “Easy” style.
“Luxury” colours, as bronze, golden and platinum: garish and shining colours, for a “Posh” style.
Have a look at the last Galassia suggestions: you will surely find the colour which better matches with your style...